Home renovation is one of the best ways to elevate the appeal of your property. But if you don’t have enough budget to resurface the whole house, you can start with the bathroom. Your bathroom needs correct resurfacing as water stains may appear on your floor tiles. But do you know how long does bathroom resurfacing last? Resurfacing provides a new look to your bathroom and provides durability. The average bathroom resurfacing may last for about 10 years. Many of the branded resurfacing materials may last for 15 years or more if used with care and maintenance. 

You can also change the fixtures that are not working properly or have leakages. Change or replace the cabinets and shower heads for a properly maintained bathroom. You can prefer to change and replace it with standard colors or quality for a new classic bathroom look. 

Have a look at the dos and Don't s of bathroom resurfacing and make it last longer. Keep reading this article to know the proper maintenance of bathroom resurfacing. 

Do’s and Don't s of bathroom resurfacing

You should always compare the quality to know the change. It is best to get samples of bathroom resurfacing before and after selecting the resurfacing material. The comparison makes the decision easy and quick with less confusion. It is best to know the Do’s and Don't s of bathroom resurfacing. 


  • Keep the resurfaced area neat and clean. 
  • You can use warm water to clean the resurfaced area for quick cleaning. 
  • The liquid detergents, soap, spray, and wipe are all the equipment you need to clean the resurfaced area with more finishing. 
  • Liquid car wax is suitable to provide fixture finishing and also prevent rusting. 

Don't s:

  • Use light hands to clean the bathroom and resurface the area. 
  • You should not scrub and force clean as it may remove shine to form scratches over the area. 
  • Keep the acids and thinner away from the bathroom fixtures or resurface the area. It may result in discoloration of the particular area. 
  • Do not apply wax at the bottom of the bathtub or bathroom floor. It makes the area slippery and you may get hurt badly. 

You can keep the bathroom resurfacing last for a comparatively longer time by following these tips. Upkeep and maintenance can keep the things or tiles or resurface last for a much longer time. Bathroom resurfacing before and after will help you to see the difference or usefulness of resurfacing. It also helps you to make further decisions for kitchen resurfacing as per the need. The process of bathroom resurfacing can be completed within 1 to 2 days for more fixture resurfacing. If there are only one or two things like a shower or bathtub, it can be done within 4 hours by professionals. 

How long bathroom resurfacing last depends on the care and maintenance of that area with proper usage. You can increase or decrease the durability with cleanliness or no attention at all. 

Process of  bathroom resurfacing 

Professionals follow the best procedure for the bathroom resurfacing process. Best bath resurfacing in Melbourne involves professionals who clean the whole bathroom and look for cracks or holes. The resurfacing professional tends to apply a primer coat over the cracks to avoid any further damage. 

Covering all the fixtures with masking tapes is the best preventative measure while resurfacing. Dust or sprays may cause harm to the appliances that require heavy expense for repair. The professionals apply finish coating and when it gets completely dry, the final touches make the process complete. Customers may choose in matte or gloss satin finish for their bathroom resurfacing. You should wait for 4 hours to use the bathroom again in a well-maintained form. Knowledge about steps for bathroom resurfacing before and after protects you from losses and expenses.